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A day to celebrate love!

Tiny Adventures in Spain:  Today's tiny adventure would be celebrating a holiday from back home by complete surprise here in Spain when I was gifted a beautiful handmade hat and scarf by my first friend in Spain named Marianna at the start of the day we celebrate love back home in the U.S.A., February 14th.  

It had already been one month and a half since arriving in Spain.  Today marked the day of love by American standards being none other than the 14th of February.  However, I would be one of the very few celebrating it here in Spain since Spaniards have their special day of love called St. Jordi falling later in the year: where roses, books, and lovers rule the day overseas.  

Valentine's day is a holiday that most Americans can either do with or without.  I, however, take advantage of just about any reason to celebrate, so today seemed like a perfect opportunity to do just that!  

I began this day by meeting my wonderful friend Marianna for a morning cafe con leche and a delicious bocadillo de jamon (coffee with milk and a ham sandwich) at our Sunday spot in the wine village.  Meeting here was already a common tradition for Marianna and me on Sunday's, but today I wasn't expecting to kick off our typical breakfast meeting with a thoughtful homemade Valentine present!  

There she was, waiting for me at the cafe with a bag and a big box in tow.  She happily handed me a beautifully wrapped gift bag containing just about the best present I could have ever imagined receiving on a cold winter day.  Not to mention, the future forecast in the wine village called for a week of the worst winter ahead (by Spanish standards, anyway!  Ha-ha! It's pretty impressive here weather-wise, even at it's worst).  

I'm not one to daintily open presents (my inner toddler grasps and pulls at the paper and bow ties faster than the speed of light to reveal most gifts I receive).  This one was no different from the rest; I quickly unearthed what would wind up being the most thoughtful, beautiful and useful Valentine's gift from my dear first friend here in Spain.  Marianna hand knit me a fantastic warm hat and scarf and brought it to me as a special way to celebrate our new friendship on the day of love in the U.S.A.  I immediately tried on my new surprise, and it was, just in time to enjoy the brisk weather in Spain while still enjoying the sun at this excellent outdoor cafe on the day Americans celebrate love and friendship.  

Hi, I am a Bohemian Agent, a Female Traveler full of wanderlust and adventure!  My name is Jeanne Connolly, and this is the beginning of my travel story.  I hope you join me for the ride.  
Bohemian Agent is a travel blog dedicated to inspired story-telling, life after 40, international living and travel experiences as a solo female explorer.  
Sending love and adventure your way until the next post.   I post every Monday and Wednesday.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog for all our updates.  

Jeanne, The Bohemian Agent


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