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Love and cava filled my heart today!

Tiny Adventures in Spain:  Today's tiny Valentine adventure continued as love, and cava filled my heart in Spanish wine country on this sunny Sunday in Spain.

I certainly wasn't expecting it, but the homemade Valentine's gift from my thoughtful friend Marianna during breakfast would jumpstart what continued to be a day of celebrating love and friendship in the Spanish wine village that I now called home.

After meeting my first friend in Spain (Marianna) for a lovely breakfast, I decided to walk off that delicious bocadillo de jamon (ham sandwich).  This turned into a one-woman touring marathon around the wine village for hours upon hours.  I must have lapped the community five times circling through every nook and cranny I could to explore my new home while taking in the sun on this day.  

During my endless circling, I passed by Jaume Giro y Giro Cava several times.  Each time I passed by this bodega the bustling of people in the yard became louder and louder.  It wasn't the first time that I heard sounds of happy laughter coming from this mystery courtyard behind this bodega over the weekend.  In the past, I had assumed it was a private party of Spaniards enjoying their day.  Today, however, my curiosity got the best of me, and while suited up in my walking gear I made my way to the front door of the building and peeked inside.  Everything about this building made me happy upon entering the vast open rolling door to the inside.  A charming vintage motorcycle parked at the end of the gate, old barrels of wine and cava throughout the decor, along with a full range of options for purchasing cava lining the entryway.  There were people sipping cava, others exploring the options for purchase (cases or bottles to go) and still others waiting for the attention of a wonderful man named Juane to order any of the fabulous wine or cava options by the glass. 

I had just about died and gone to Valentine heaven.  How did the Universe know that this would be the best gift to top off an already beautiful day thus far?  I didn't hesitate long before I found myself on the short line to order a glass of Spain's finest.  In my bastardization of the Spanish language, I tried to order my first drink with the kind man working the front desk.  Being the problem solver, I would later know him to be; he hesitated only for a moment before calling in English speaking backup to assist me in my order request.  

And so the glorious winter day would unfold from here!  The English speaking backup wound up being the Director of a nearby English school who had been born and raised in Argentina and was now about to assist me in the enjoyment of the warm sun and cava in a beautiful garden in wine country.  

This new friend and I enjoyed several varieties of Jaume Giro y Giro cava, leading to the termination of an entire bottle of a pink variety that still holds its place in my heart as my number one bubbly flavor in Cataluna.  I now understood all the giggles and happiness I had heard through the outer gate of this secret bodega garden in Sant Sadurni D'Anoia.  Upon walking through the front gate and winding through the entryway, the garden that I found behind the building was completely unexpected and brimming with life in more ways than one.  Plant life filled the garden along with laughter, music and the aroma of fresh food cooking over an open fire.  

As I got to know my new Argentinan friend over cava; we listened to random young Spaniards playing the guitar, watched entire families picnicking in the garden (while grilling meats, veggies, and seasonal calcots on the various grills located all around the bodega yard) and we basked in the sun while enjoying all the fun surrounding us.  Today was indeed a day of love for me!  Not in a romantic kind of way, but it was yet another small reminder that I was truly having the wildest love affair with my life than ever before. 

Jaume Giro I Giro is located at: Carrer d'en Montaner i Oller, 5, 08770 Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona
Phone: 938 91 01 65

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