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Making time between destinations

Tiny adventures in Spain:  Today's tiny adventure was making time in between destinations count.  And, in the end, wasn't this what life was all about anyway?  

Marianna was my very first friend here in the cava capital of Spain. She was one of those instantly special people who took me into her home with colossal love and openness from the very first day we met. It was my pleasure to make time for my pal Marianna as much as possible in our little village, but it was a bigger treat when those meetings happened by chance encounter!  

Today was one of those days!  Hooray!  I had gotten used to walking through the wine village from cava company to cava company teaching English to the local executives and their employees.   I also taught English lessons at a small cultural center in the wine village consisting of groups or one-to-one private lessons with children through retirees wanting to learn English as a second language.  

It's true that I have always been a fast walker.  And while I'd like to believe I have forever taken in the world around me no matter what my pace, it absolutely wasn't true.  Thankfully, here in Spain, I was stopping to smell the roses more than I ever had before.  It was still on occasion that my old habits reverted to the tunnel vision of getting from one destination to the other while missing the beauty of what's happening in between targets, but I tried to make an effort not to do this abroad.   Wasn't life, in the end, what happens between reaching our bigger goals anyway?    

Gratefully so, I was aware of that today and while being present happened to see my beautiful pal Marianna sitting at an outdoor cafe with her head down immersed in a notepad as I strolled by her.  

That's right!  I did a lot of strolling these days, and even my brisk walks had me paying more considerable attention to taking these moments in and being present.  

Today Marianna inspired me to stop my walking altogether and have a seat with her to enjoy a small window of time between teaching classes.   

Maximizing these short windows of time and taking breaks seemed to be very cultural here in Spain and I was getting used to this refreshing pace and the impact it was having on my life experiences abroad in the tiniest of moments in time. 

What special treat might you notice in between your destinations today?   

Hi, I am a Bohemian Agent, a Female Traveler full of wanderlust and adventure!  My name is Jeanne Connolly, and this is my travel story.  I hope you join me for the ride.  Bohemian Agent is a travel blog dedicated to inspired story-telling, life after 40, international living and travel experiences as a solo female explorer.  
Sending love and adventure your way until the next post.   I'll send one summary email a week on Monday. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for all our updates.  

Jeanne, The Bohemian Agent



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