About Me

Welcome to my blog Bohemian Agent!  I am so happy you are here.  Are you ready for travel blog completely focused on manifesting your own happy using the laws of attraction and inspired living for women over 40?

Bohemian Agent is a travel blog dedicated to inspired story-telling, manifesting your own happy, life after 40, international living and travel experiences as a solo female explorer.  
My travels have begun in Spain and continue around the world with stops back home to America to check in when I can.


Bohemian:  a native or inhabitant of Bohemia. 

Agent:  a person who acts on behalf of another, in particular.


The founder of Bohemian Agent, Jeanne Connolly, is currently residing in Denia, Spain with deep roots in the Denver art scene back home in America. Jeanne is a published writer, artist, designer both nationally and internationally for her sister company called www.vintagerenewal.com.  

Jeanne has had some momentum in the press.  Her designs have graced the blog pages of Apartment Therapy, Houzz.com, Design Sponge and many more!